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Episode #27 - Brad Temeyer - The Weather Guy

Internationally famous ballooning meteorologist and balloon pilot

April 24, 2020 68 minutes Download (MP3)

Brad Temeyer - The Weather Guy

In this episode, Andrew chats to Brad Temeyer. Brad is an internationally renowned ballooning meteorologist. He has been the meteorologist for many record attempts, ballooning events (including the Albuquerque Fiesta), ballooning competitions and for the US team.

Brad was born in Rockford, IL on July 31, 1979. He graduated on the Dean’s List from Iowa State University with a BS Degree in Atmospheric Sciences. He also earned his MS Degree in Atmospheric Sciences at Iowa State University and continued his education with a MS in Public Administration from the University of South Dakota.

His professional career started in 2003 with the National Weather Service as an Intern Meteorologist in Glasgow, Montana where he regularly utilized observations and model data to create public, aviation and fire weather forecasts. He continues as a General Forecaster with the Sioux Falls, South Dakota office of the National Weather Service where, among other duties, he continued to produce public, aviation and fire weather forecasts. He led a team charged with developing Digital Aviation Services at the Sioux Falls and other offices.

His first exposure to ballooning was in 1982 at the National Championships in Indianola, IA when he was 3 years old. He soloed on August 7, 2007, received his private license on June 1, 2008 and his commercial license on June 6, 2010 all in Indianola, IA. To date he has amassed over 200 hours of flight time. His most memorable flights were in 2007 when he flew box winds over Devil's Tower and in 2009 when he flew with Jim Winker on the day of Jim’s induction into the United States Balloon Hall of Fame.

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Brad Temeyer