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Episode #28 - Matthew Scaife - Competitor

Competition and professional balloon pilot

May 01, 2020 59 minutes Download (MP3)

Matthew Scaife - Competition and Professional Pilot

In this episode Andrew chats to professional balloonist and competition pilot, Matthew Scaife. Matt is a second generation pilot that began ballooning as a kid in the UK. Having flown for many years commercially in England, he then migrated out to Australia to fly commercially and now runs Balloon Aloft.

Matt, along with his wife Nicola, took up competition ballooning in the early 2010s and they both quickly rose to the top ranks in international competition ballooning. Matt has won the Australian National Championships three times and has stood on the podium at many events in Europe and Japan.

You can follow Matt and Nicola on the Team Scaife Hot Air Balloon Team Facebook page.

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Matthew Scaife