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Video Episode #26 - Balloon Video Tips

Andrew Robertson provides tips and tricks to make better ballooning videos

April 16, 2020 35 minutes

Balloon Video Tips with Andrew Robertson

This is the first ever Aunty Monkey video episode. During this episode, Andrew walks through an array of helpful hints and tips about how to produce better ballooning videos. The topics he runs through include:

  • Filming with phones
  • Cameras
  • Mounts
  • Camera Movement
  • Speeding up shots
  • People
  • Storytelling and music
  • Drones

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Andrew Robertson

Andrew Robertson

Pilot & Podcaster

Andrew "Robbo" Robertson is a pilot from Sydney Austalia. He has been involved in ballooning since 1978 (when he was only 4 years old). He was one of the original founders of Aunty Monkey.   Read More...