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Episode #23 - Leandro Corradini - Light Weight Ballooning

Designer and builder of innovative equipment for sport hot air ballooning

October 06, 2018 46 minutes Download (MP3)

Leandro Corradini - Light Weight Ballooning

Leandro Corradini is a multi-discipline pilot and has been intimately involved with the paragliding and paramotoring world. His love of light weight, portable, personal aircraft led him to identify a gap in the ballooning market for this type of aircraft, so he decided to do something about it. After two years of planning and design, he launched his new Light Sport Aircraft, named FLYDOO, two weeks ago, and a new balloon company was born.

As you will hear in this interview, Leandro is passionate but realistic about the innovation his company is delivering. He has identified his market as other sport aviation pilots (such as paragliders or glider pilots) and also existing balloonists looking to down scale or looking for something lighter for their recreational flying.

Check out the FlyDOO website

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Leandro Corradini