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Episode #20 - The Champions

The World's best talk about the upcoming World Championships

August 09, 2018 16 minutes Download (MP3)

The Champions

In this episode, Adam talks to some of the World's best pilots about the upcoming 2018 FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championships in Großsiegharts, Austria. The guests include:

  • Rhett Heartsill - 2016 Open World Champion
  • Nicola Scaife - 2016 Women's World Champion
  • Rokas Kostiuskevicius - 2016 Junior World Champion
  • Daniel Kusternigg - 6 time Austrian Champion

Aunty Monkey's Predictions

Below are our predictions for the Top 30 at the 2018 FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championships. Please note, these are only our opinions and we all know our opinions don't carry much weight. If you don't like your predicted ranking, then feel free to beat it. We are happy to be proven wrong.

3. ZEBERLI, StefanSwitzerland1
2. KOSTIUSKEVICIUS, RimasLithuania2
98. PETREHN, JohnnyUnited States3
1. HEARTSILL, RhettUnited States4
6. SCAIFE, MatthewAustralia5
36. SCHNEIDER, UweGermany6
83. HUGI, RomanSwitzerland7
10. KUSTERNIGG, DanielAustria8
4. KOSTIUSKEVICIUS, RokasLithuania9
28. SEIGEOT, ClémentFrance10
99. ZVADA, Joe United States11
47. FUJITA, YudaiJapan12
100. DONNER, NicholasUnited States13
67. LATYPOV, SergeyRussian Federation14
93. BAREFORD, DominicUnited Kingdom15
16. LIMA, LupercioBrazil16
35. GOEHLER, SvenGermany17
78. AYALA, IvanSpain18
5. SCAIFE, NicolaAustralia19
29. SCHWARTZ, NicolasFrance20
37. STRASMANN, DavidGermany21
7. KAVANAGH, SeanAustralia22
95. BAREFORD, StephanieUnited Kingdom23
102. HEARTSILL, JoeUnited States24
45. UEDA, SatoshiJapan25
17. KALOUSDIAN, MarkusBrazil26
101. DONNER, ChaseUnited States27
97. BAREFORD, DavidUnited Kingdom28
88. VOGEL, NicoleSwitzerland29
8. ROBERTSON, AndrewAustralia30

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Daniel Kusternigg, Rokas Kostiuskevicius, Rhett Heartsill, Nicola Scaife