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Episode #15 - Petr Kubicek - Balloon Manufacturer

Building balloons in communist Czechoslovakia and bringing them into the free world.

March 04, 2018 54 minutes Download (MP3)

Petr Kubicek - Balloon Manufacturer

In this episode, Adam chats to Petr Kubicek. From humble and quite recent beginnings Kubicek balloons has grown into one of the powerhouse balloon manufacturers in the World. The Kubicek story is fascinating with the beginnings of the business directly linked to the end of communism in the then Czechoslovakia. 

Petr’s father Ales founded Kubicek balloons and was one of the pioneers of ballooning in Czechoslovakia in very difficult times. Following a sudden and terrible accident to his father, Petr is now responsible for all the Kubicek family businesses which include hot air balloon production, fabric manufacturing, inflatables.

Petr is an aeronautic engineer and spent 10 years as head of the technical office of Kubicek Balloons, leading the design and test team and was responsible for research and development.

Petr has also represented CZ at World and European Championships and attended many balloon events around the planet. He is also an instructor and examiner. 

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Petr Kubicek